Photo Accolades

Christopher Lydon and Peggy at SCAT

Peggy and Jimmy Tingle at Club Passim

Master Story Teller Brother Blue and Peggyat Cool Women Award Ceremony

Peggy and Jim MacAllister of Hotsand Video Productions

Peggy and Home-School Teacher Jim Dunn

New York Actor, Robert Chapman - Peggy - New York Poet, Akil Pinckney

Best Selling Author (Fathering Words), Poet and White House Honoree E. Ethelbert Miller and Peggy

Somerville Sunsetter Jane Tuttle and Peggy

Former Executive Director (SCAT) Mimi Graney and Peggy

Club Passim Fans and Peggy

photo by Ellen Landis

The Yard Sale Queens - Linda Thompson. Peggy, and Lisa Thompson

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